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1. Why you should post your resume online

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Just a quick reminder for those of you that don’t know my background.  I am a perpetual job seeker as I mainly do contract work.  One of the part time contracts I have had for some time, is doing sourcing for a local HR outsourcing firm.  Sourcing is researching and hunting for candidates for job openings we are trying to fill.  This means I am on “both sides of the desk” when it comes to job hunting.  This blog will reflect what I have learned and what I observe from the job hunter part of me and the part of me that looks at resumes for several hours a day and is involved in the recruiting world.    
I thought I would begin this series of blogs by talking about the importance of posting your resume online. Some people have told me they do not do this, perhaps because they feel they don’t have control over who will see their resume.  I think in today’s highly competitive job market, you should be posting your resume along with other job search strategies. It is also critical that you keep your online resume up to date.  I will be discussing the importance of this and how to do it in a future posting.
So, where should you be posting your resume?  You should be posting your resume on Monster no matter what your profession or industry is.  Monster is the biggest job search website than spans all industries.  Recruiters must pay to post jobs and access resumes on the job boards.  It is not inexpensive, so they usually only choose one and Monster has the best representation of industries.  After Monster, you probably will want to post on CareerBuilder.com, although I don’t get much traction from that site as a job-seeker.  If you are interested in any technical type of jobs, then you should post on Dice.  Dice is known as the place to look for technical candidates.  You can post to all of these and you can post different resumes to the same site.  I will be talking about that when I cover how to maintain your resume on the job boards.  You should absolutely have a profile on LinkedIn.  I will be covering LinkedIn in detail in future blogs, but it is a very important tool that I use everyday to find candidates and discover information about companies and who works there. 
The main point you should take away from this posting is the importance of having your resume online and KEEPING IT CURRENT! A lot of job openings are never posted.  Recruiters (or hiring mangers) find candidates from the resumes on the job boards that they have a subscription for.  If your resume is not out there, they will never find you.  In my experience, I can find much better candidates by looking at online resumes and LinkedIn profiles, then posting a job and wading through the resumes that apply.   
Feel free to send me your comments and suggestions.  I don’t know it all, and don’t pretend to, just trying to share what I do know.  You can comment on the blog or email me at terri at hireaustin.org.
Next, I will be discussing how your resume appears in searches by a recruiter. 

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  1. Thanks so much, Terri.
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  2. try selectcandidates.com

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