/* Welcome to the new Hire Austin website! : */

Welcome to the new Hire Austin website!

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I am very excited to bring this new format to the Austin community!  In addition to our job postings, I am going to share the knowledge I have gained by working for a recruiter.  It seems like I have been a perpetual job-seeker and knew most of the tricks, but when I started doing candidate sourcing, I learned some things that really opened my eyes. Everyday, as I look at resumes and profiles, I see mistakes that may keep your resume from not being found or may keep a recruiter from contacting you.  I plan to pass on these tips through this blog.   Unlike a lot of people giving job hunting advice, I am out in the trenches looking for work myself so I see both sides of the equation.

I also plan to share any other tidbits I read on job searching and what is going on in the Austin communitity and share links from other blogs and websites that I think have some good information.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome.  I would appreciate suggestions as this is a totally new ballgame for me!

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