/* 3. Help your online resume be found : */

3. Help your online resume be found


 In the last post (How a recruiter finds your resume online), I discussed the importance of keeping your resume modification date current.  Below are the steps to doing this in Monster. 

When you login to Monster, there should be a tab for My Resumes.  Click that tab and you should see all your resumes that you have uploaded to Monster.  You are allowed to have several resumes, but only one can be active for each email address.  On the far left is the name of the resume, and the Status (can be either Public or Private), the Create Date (date when you first loaded it to Monster), and the Last Modified Date.  If you click on the Actions Tab on the far right, you will get a menu as shown below.  Select the Change Status Option.

Monster Actions

Monster Actions

Once you select the Change Status Option, you will see the Status changed from Public to Private as shown below.

Monster Status Change

Click on the Actions Tab again, to change the Status back to Public, and you will see the Last Modified Date changes to current date as shown below.

Monster Modify Date

Monster used to have an option under the Actions tab to renew, which changed the date for you.  For some reason, they took this option away, so changing the status from Private back to Public is the easiest way to do this.

Dice does not have this option.  I usually go and change my availability date which effectively accomplishes the same thing.

In Careerbuilder, I have to actually edit something on my profile to change the update date.  This is a pain. If anyone knows a trick to this, please share with us!

Of course, on any of the boards, if you edit something on your resume/profile, your modification date will change. Since I started keeping my resume dates current on all my online resumes, I get a lot more emails and phone calls from recruiters who have found my resume.  Remember, a lot of jobs are never posted.  Instead, recruiters look for resumes that fit their job openings.  If your resume is not on the boards and current, they will never see your resume.

Next up, I will be discussing what information the recruiter sees in the search results on the job boards and what you can do to influence them to read your resume.  You will not want to miss this!

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