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The importance of keywords in your resume


I realized that my last couple of articles on resume content did not discuss the importance of keywords. Keywords are vital in today’s online resumes.  What is a keyword? The simplest definition of a keyword is any word that a recruiter may type in a search box to find your resume whether it be on a job board or LinkedIn.  It is usually some sort of skill they are looking for in a candidate.  The more potential keywords you have on your resume, the more likely a recruiter will find you.  If you  REPEAT your keywords in your resume, it INCREASES the likelihood of your resume showing up in search results.  


How you do know what your keywords are?  The best thing to do is to read job postings for positions you are interested in. Pay attention to the words used to describe the ideal candidate; specific skills they list, certifications, job titles.  Include those words in your resume as many times as  possible.  Below are some ways to add more keywords to your resume:

1. Add a skills summary at the top of your resumes.  Put them is a table format like below. Visuals stick out in a resume.  

Languages PHP, SQL, JavaScript
Platforms Unix, Windows, Linux
RDBMS Oracle, DB2





2. In the body of your resume, add a line below the job details listing skills (keywords) used in that job.    

Title: Superhero          Everywhere, USA          1990-current

Company: Comicbooks, USA

  • Saved damsels in distress by leaping over tall buildings.
  • Beat up bad guys and put them in jail
  • Crime rate reduced by 30%

Skills used: x-ray vision, ability to fly, impeccable communication skills

3. You can also put a skills summary at the bottom of your resume with no formatting. It can be a paragraph with the skills listed.  It is not pretty, but effective.  

Dice has a place for you to list your skills when you upload your resumes.  You should take advantage of this area because it shows up in the search results.   LinkedIn has a summary section which you should complete and also include the skills in each job detail that you include.  Monster used to have a place to do this, but for some strange reason they eliminated it when they redid the website earlier this year.

Remember, repeating keywords makes you more likely to be found.  

Do you know your keywords?

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