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Texas Grocery Study


DATE: Wednesday, September 9, 2009 – Austin, TX
TIME: Afternoon

PAYS: $100/2 Hours + Homework Assignment

FEMALES ONLY, Ages 18 to 49
Females have children living at home w/them
Must be willing to do homework assignment prior to focus group
Limit one per household or family
Must be physically present to participate

***Must LIVE within 10 minutes of each of the following zipcodes listed below:

San Antonio, TX 78221, 78224, 78228, 78237, 78250 or 78251
Edinburg, TX 78539
McAllen, TX 78501
Austin, TX 78702, 78704, 78745 or 78751

Prescreen study calls are made between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm central standard time week days to ask some additional questions over the telephone. If you did not receive a phone call back, then it will either be because either your age group was already full or your answers did no t p re qualify to participate.

Please delete out the above information. Do include the questions below with your answers to the right of each item. Send your responses to SunshineDay@SunshineDay.net AND cc: mail@marketresearchdallas.com. Please include your city, state & zipcode in the subject line when responding. Please do NOT call Market Research Dallas as they do not take participant call-ins. You must respond via email if you’re interested in participating. Thanks for your help on this.

No sales are involved and all information will remain strictly confidential!

Last Name, First Name
City, TX, Zipcode
Cell #
Email Address
Job Title/Occupation
Company Name
How many hours weekly do you work on the job?
Age, Birthdate
Ethnic Background
Marital Status
Total Annual Household Income
What are the ages of the children living at home w/you?
What is the name of the primary grocery store where you shop?
How often do you shop at that grocery store?
Have you ever applied for food stamsp?
Did you address this email to BOTH mail@marketeresearchdallas.com AND SunshineDay@SunshineDay.net?
Did you delete out the excess study particulars except the questions asked with your answers to the right of each item?
Did you have your city, state & zipcode in the subject line?

Thanks and Have a Sunshine Day!


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