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Networking in your pajamas

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 Most people understand that the more people you know, the more likely someone in your circle can assist you in your job search.  In the dark ages(a few years back), the only way to meet more people was to get out of your house and network as much as possible.  While I am still a STRONG proponent of this, there are alternatives to do when you don’t have any network events to go to.  
Job hunters today have some advantages that were not available a few years ago. These advantages exist in this down economy with record high unemployment.  The advantage that you have is using social networking to develop relationships with people that you might not have met otherwise. I am defining Social Networking as participating and using some of the software tools where you connect and/or have conversations online.  These tools are evolving and changing, and some are still in their infancy, but the following three tools should be part of your job search process. 
1.  LinkedIn- This is the the most widely used tool for business purposes.  Use your LinkedIn profile as your “business card”.  Don’t just regurgitate your resume, instead, boast on your accomplishments.  Use a lot of keywords so your profile will be found by recruiters.  Find all your past co-workers and connect with them.  Join the many groups that are out there.  Most of these groups have job postings.  Start answering questions, share your knowledge. 
2.  Twitter- Use your LinkedIn URL in for the web address in the settings area.  In the bio area, list your skills and sell yourself.  Start following people that you have something in common with  or work for a company you want to work for.  Most people will check out your bio when they get an email notification that someone is following them.  Post things that will be of interest to your community. You need to participate and GIVE, not just talk about the hamburger you are eating.
3.  Blogs- Having your own blog where you can share your expertise is a great opportunity, but some people feel they don’t have anything to write about, or just plain don’t like writing.  A good alternative is to start following blogs that you are interested in and start commenting.  Aways have in your signature your Linkedin profile, your website (if it helps), your blog, your twitter id.  Become a “regular” on some of these sites and start conversing with people “offline” via email. You can start by commenting on this blog (hint, hint).
Start subscribing to tweets or emails about events happening in town.  There are even tweetups and bleetups which are opportunities to meet the people face to face that you interact with online.  Yes, you do have to get out of your pajamas (please!), but these are fantastic opportunities to meet people out of your normal circle of friends.  It is much easier to meet people face to face when you have already been conversing or following them online. 
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