/* What the heck is a tweetup? : */

What the heck is a tweetup?

A tweetup is an opportunity to meet people that you follow or follow you face to face.  Last week I talked about networking in your pajamas (http://www.hireaustin.org/2009/11/networking-in-your-pajamas) and how you could meet people in person that you follow on Twitter.  I saw this post on what to do at a TweetUp and thought it would be great to share.  Great tips written by Austin American Statesman reporter Omar Gallaga, ogallaga@statesman.com.  The only thing I would add is follow your host on Twitter.  It will give you an excuse to meet them and they will know a lot of people there.

10 Simple Rules for Tweeting Up 

So, why aren’t you following this blog on Twitter?

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