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10 Things Job Seekers should do while things are slow

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The job search slows down at the end of the year, but this is a great time to do some cleanup work on some of your job search tools. Get everything spruced up and ready to go when the new year starts.

1. Is your LinkedIn profile completely filled out? If not, get on it!

2. When is the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile? Are you using keywords throughout so recruiters can find you? Are you selling yourself with your summary?

3. Reach out to contacts you haven’t talked to in a while, connect with them on LinkedIn.

4. Research some companies on LinkedIn and find some new target companies you want to work for.

5. Join some groups on LinkedIn – get involved in the discussions.

6. Answer some questions on LinkedIn – show your expertise.

7. Revise your online resume headline on the job boards – add some keywords, make your resume stand out.

8. Update all your modification dates on your online resumes.

9. Have someone look at your resume – they might see some items that could be reworded that you might not notice.

10. Add more power verbs to your resume.

Good luck to everybody in the New Year!

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