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Best Kept Secret of LinkedIn Groups

Are you a member of any LinkedIn Groups?  If not, you should take advantage of this LinkedIn feature.  Why?  One of the best features of Groups is you can directly contact ANY member in the group.  You do not have to be connected to them.

If you are looking for contacts in your industry, join a group that is in that industry or a related industry.  Go to the Group Directory in LinkedIn and search for groups you are interested in.  Most memberships have to be approved before you are a member.  Sometimes it takes the moderator a while to approve your membership.  You can contact the owner of the group and express your interest in joining their group to help speed up the process.  Be sure and be polite!

Most of the groups have ongoing discussions.  This is also another excellent way to start conversing with people in your industry and building new relationships.  Some of them also post jobs. 

You are allowed to be a member of 60 groups, so go and build your contact list exponentially!

Hire Austin has a group, too! Join and meet other Austin based cool people!

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