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Want to make your LinkedIn Headline Stand Out?

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Your headline is the text that appears underneath your name in LinkedIn. This is the area where you need to SELL yourself and entice the recruiter to read your profile. This area shows up in the search results. The recruiter has typed in some keywords looking for candidates. They get hundreds of results back. You want to have something in your headline that makes you STAND OUT from the rest of the profiles.

Almost everyone uses this space to put their job title whether they have a job or not. If you choose to do this, make sure it’s specific. Putting software engineer really doesn’t give much information as to what kind of software engineer you are. List language expertise, specialties like QA, or applications. A lot of people think they need to put a company name here. You are a software engineer whether or not you have a job. Don’t let a job define who you are.

I also have seen some people list their contact information in this space. I don’t think this is a good use for this area. A recruiter will probably have access to your profile (with upgraded memberships) if you show up in their network (the good ones have HUGE networks). If someone really wants to contact you, they can simply ask to connect and explain why. Use this area instead to sell yourself.

Your headline is the area that gives you a chance to shine. It gives you a chance to stick out among all the other hundreds of people with your skill set. It is an area to show your value to a future employer. Think about terms that recruiters looks to find people with your expertise. List these terms in this area. If you need help, look at job descriptions that you apply to. Soft skills are great things to list here. Having programming skills is great, but if you can ALSO communicate well, you will stand out. Make it about a potential future employer NOT about you.

You have 120 characters in this space Рuse it!!!!! You can get creative and use other characters like *, |, <>. Mixing  UPPER CASE with mixed case helps words stick out. Think outside the box!

This is an area that is easy to tweak and you should. Don’t just change it and forget about it.¬† Keep adjusting it as you get more ideas. The more active you are on LinkedIn, the more likely someone will look at your profile.

Take a look at your headline, would you read your story?

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