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Libre means free, unbound. LibreDigital, the leader in digital publishing solutions, liberates your content by putting it online and into reading devices—wherever you and your customers want it to be—with security and flexibility.

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Digital Content Editor – Part/Time

LibreDigital is seeking new employees to help lead the Digital Revolution in the electronic publishing space. Well funded startup is seeking dynamic individuals to work in its digital production/Operations and Quality Control teams. You will be directly involved in the emerging trends in Digital Publishing!
Job Summary:
The Digital Content Editor is responsible for the downloading, processing and ingesting of pdf files used to create electronic content. Other tasks include proofreading content and assessing digital book content through the Tagging and Pre-Acceptance software applications/tools. The Digital Content Editor is responsible for identifying common errors and entering discrepancy reports in Bookzilla. Digital Content Editors job functions are divided into levels from Basic thru Expert. Requirements are defined below: This is a part-time position (25-28 hours/week).
Essential Job Functions:
• Able to work without supervision
• Basic computing skills and able to work Excel and Word
• Knowledge of publishing industry standards, practices, and protections
• Knowledge of eBook formats including ePub and Mobipocket
• Strong written Communication Skills
• Digital pre-ingest processing (image cropping, re-ripping, downloading and ingesting files)
• Applying tags to content through the Tagging application
• Quality Review of Book Browse and electronic publication content through Pre-Acceptance
• Entering data for discrepancy reports
• Basic pdf processing (extracting, inserting, replacing and deleting content)
• Resolve discrepancies identified by Publishers through the Rework process
• Electronic Publication Quality Control (inspecting input pdfs, sorting for complexity, familiarity with pub specifications)
• Producing discrepancy reports
• Inspecting and ingesting processed pdfs (pre-Ingest Quality Control)
• Collecting, recording and reporting daily production
• Competency in HTML
• Knowledge of present and past versions of HTML mark-up
• Understanding of default HTML settings and their applications
• Knowledge of CSS formatting and usage in present and older versions
• Experience using HTML to design content for both desktop computers and hand held devices
• Knowledge of UTF-8 and UTF-16 character sets
• Ability to build HTML files up to publisher specifications provided input PDF content and CSS file
• Ability to properly troubleshoot various HTML formatting issues
• Experience using HTML text editors, expecially Textpad, to quickly make global file adjustments
• Understanding of various graphic file formats and color spaces (pdf, dcs, eps, swf, tiff)
Please send cover letter explaining interest, availability and skills match for this SPECIFIC position as defined herein to recruitingmgr@libredigital.com.

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