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Attitude is Everything!

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It’s the New Year and we are surrounded by resolutions we should be making and new habits we should be adopting. I have a wish list of behaviors that I would like to see more of and especially among job seekers.  Having a great attitude will take you a long way in life and for sure in your career.  Look at the list below and think about if you do this on a regular basis.  
1.  Be positive – We all are worried about paying the bills, myself included.  I try very hard to remain positive and be optimistic.  Being around positive people helps with that.  Being around negative people makes me want to jump off a cliff.  It’s okay to be scared, whining about it doesn’t help.
Be grateful – We are lucky that there are a lot of knowledgeable and helpful people willing to help us with job contacts, advice, etc.  Be sure and always acknowledge and thank someone that has helped you in some way.  When someone has answered your question on a discussion group, connected you with someone, or just offered to help, be sure and thank them.  This seems obvious to some of you, but it seems to be not common practice based upon my experience.
3.  Try to help others – Engage in LinkedIn Groups, email lists, blogs, twitter, etc.  Don’t just surf and read.  Offer your tips or connections.  The more you give, the more you get.  Really! I belong to a lot of different kind of lists and LinkedIn groups.  The ones focusing on job seekers seem to have the least amount of participation. Why is that?
Attitude is contagious.  What kind of attitude are you spreading?

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