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Most Common Mistake on LinkedIn Profile


Do you have a blog or website that you list on your LinkedIn Profile?  If you are like most of the profiles on LinkedIn, you are missing an opportunity to promote it.  Most people are not aware of this. 

Here is the area on LinkedIn to complete:

LinkedIn My Website

When you click on the link, you have a dropdown menu to select from. Most people select the “My Website” option which doesn’t give you options for what text to display.  If you select the “Other” option, you then get an option to select text  for your website as below:

Website Name Options

 Put the name of your website in the text box area after you have selected Other from the dropdown menu.  Don’t you think having  your website name instead of “My Website” will get readers to actually click on the link? If nothing else, they might remember your website name.


LinkedIn Website Names

 I learned how to do this from the famous Jason Alba of JibberJobber.com when he spoke at the Launchpad Job Club speaker series in Austin. Jason is a great guy!

Go fix your LinkedIn profile!

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