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Online Sales Administrator-Clear Channel-Austin

Job Title: Online Sales Administrator
Job Type: Full Time
Reporting Status: Digital Sales Manager

The on line sales administrator will work within the Brand Management department responsible for the sales arm in executing and implementing marketing and promotional objectives for clients through the use of digital media platforms. This is an entry level position and the Administrator will assist the Digital Sales Manager and may support the brand management team in the content creation/design of media elements for advertisers, placement and scheduling of digital media, manage website inventory, create and design media proposals and develop/design graphics and rich media for on line placement.

Job Responsibilities:
• Web site management (design, development and content)
• Designing sales proposals
• Upload and maintain all online advertising inventory (banners, video pre-rolls, keywords)
• Execute campaign client delivery by coordinating the organization and execution of digital creative
• Coordinate campaign reporting for clients
• Assists in data spreadsheets, maintaining flowcharts and plans
• Inputs data into inventory systems
• Daily trafficks, tracks and reports performance of online campaigns
• Develops media delivery analysis
• Produces and designs digital elements including client banner ads, gift certificates and vouchers
• Coordinates and supports brand account teams to meet client goals and objectives
• Utilizes web metrics and demographic data to identify desired target audiences for specific media campaigns, including lifestyles and psychographics
• Performs various calculations to identify the usefulness of different media plans
• Maintains knowledge of current Internet trends in Web design and development
• Liaison between sales and programming departments, on-air talent and online content team
• Participates and contributes to brainstorm sessions and creates client concepts for digital strategies

• Bachelor’s degree, preferably with a concentration in advertising, marketing, business administration, and communications
• Knowledge of digital media
• Experience with PC and MAC platforms
• Proficient in Microsoft Office Programs
• Excellent verbal and written skills
• Comfortable working with budgets and numbers
• Strong quantitative and analytical skills
• Exceptional organizational skills, multi-tasking capabilities and detail oriented
• Computer literate with proficiency in Excel, Word and PowerPoint , Photoshop
• Strong communication and people skills; positive attitude and team player
• Knowledge of Flash design and HTML Coding
• Able to prioritize and meet departmental goals
• Previous experience with on line media required
• Communication: verbal/written
• Team player, can work well with sales and management staff
• Detail oriented
• Works well with and meets deadlines consistently
• Some knowledge of CPP, CPM, and SEO
• Proficient with web/graphic design software (Adobe Creative Suite, Flash, etc.)
Ability to learn new software

Experience Required:
• Digital media background preferred
• Although no digital media experience is required, an internship with an advertising/media agency is strongly preferred
• Minimum 2 years experience in graphic/web design
• Certification in areas of graphic design and web design preferred but not required

Submit resume to:
Raquel Hill, Digital Sales Manager

Deadline to apply: January 22, 2010

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