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LED Product Design Engineer

LED Product Design Engineer

Reports to: VP Engineering

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Position Description:

The Product Engineer will have responsibility for the design, analysis and manufacturing scale-up of packaged LED products. Duties will include ground-up design of electrical, mechanical, thermal and optical packaging components for device level packages.

Knowledge of industry practices and materials commonly used for LED packages is a must. Design analysis will balance thermal, optical and electrical performance against raw material, assembly and test costs to optimize the design. The unique characteristics of the product will present interesting challenges to even the most seasoned design engineer, requiring solutions that push the limits of present technology. The product design will include working with phosphors and RGB solutions to achieve white light performance. The Product Engineer will work very closely with the manufacturing staff to ensure that solutions are manufacturable, scalable and cost effective. Some travel will be required to transition manufacturing to domestic and overseas vendors.

The Product Engineering role is the engineering mirror of the Product Marketing lead – the Product Engineer will have responsibility for the design of particular LED products from concept to production, from die to package. Experience beyond device level (level 1) packaging, integration of devices into board assemblies (level 2) and even full luminaires (level 3) products, is a plus. The ideal candidate will have 5-15 years experience in the LED industry in both design and manufacturing roles.


• Product and project management for LED design
• Design of complete LED package.
• Leadframe design
• Thermal management design
• Mounting substrate design
• Plastic component design
• Design for Manufacturing Assembly
• Package cost management
• Interface with vendors for component procurement
• All phases of package development from R&D through production


• BSME or equivalent
• Engineering Analysis of thermal and mechanical system.
• Molded plastic part experience.
• Strong understanding of materials.
• Experience with surface mount and wire bonding.
• Familiarity with industry standard product reliability tests and design considerations.
• Good team player able to interface with Scientific and Manufacturing personnel.
• Excellent communication and problem solving skills
• Ability to balance packaging design trade-offs.
• CAD experience, preferably SolidWorks.

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