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Ruby on Rails Developers – Front-end – 3 positions open!

Three positions available so come as a team.

This is easily one of the best opportunities available for developers in Austin. I have worked with this management team for over eight years and they always create an employee first culture at their companies. They are easily one of the most technically competent shops in Austin. Their widely accepted product was built from the ground floor using RoR.

They are looking for developers who are self-motivated to create beautiful and easy to use interfaces. They take pride in not only the product but also the code that runs it. The environment is fast paced, with releases occurring every 2-4 months. Due to their explosive growth they have several positions available, UI/frontend focused developers.

User Interface Developer

Qualifications: What does it take to do this job?

• Object Oriented programming skills with Ruby-on-Rails ( Python or equivalent)
• Application and/or web application experience is a must
• Familiarity with HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Prototype) and Ruby-On-Rails
• Solving large-application/user-level problems
• Skilled with distributed software (native or webapp)
• Some experience with SQL is desired

Send a copy of your resume greg@hirefighters.com and I will call qualified developers immediately to tell them more about this opportunity.

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