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Follow the companies you want to work for on LinkedIn

A relatively new addition on LinkedIn is the ability to follow companies. This is a great feature to help you stay informed on news about companies you want to work for.  You can adjust your notification setting as to how and when you receive the updates.

You will get notification of the following type of activities:

a.      New hires, recent departures, and promotions or title changes

b.     Company Profile changes

c.      Job opportunity postings on LinkedIn

This feature is easy to set up by hovering over a company name in a LinkedIn profile, or by searching for a company in the search screen. When you hover over a company name in a profile, a pop-up screen gives you some details on the company and at the bottom is a link to follow that company. To change your settings and notifications:

1.     Click on “More” at the top of your home page and then on “Companies”. This will take you to the “Companies Home” page.

2.     Click on “Following” next to the “Companies Home” tab to reveal the list of companies you have elected to follow. If you do not see the specific company name, you may need to click on “next” to view additional companies you’re following.

3.     Click on “Notification settings” under the company name. The “Change Following Settings” window will appear.

I encourage you to use this feature in your job search.  LinkedIn is in the process of adding more capabilities, so it promises to get even better.

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