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Don’t be a Lazy LinkedIn User

I have heard from job seekers that they “tried” LinkedIn and it didn’t work for them.  This statement makes me a little crazy.  LinkedIn is not something you do once and you forget it.  Just because you got your profile on it, doesn’t mean you are done.  It means you have only started.

LinkedIn is one of the many current tools classified as social media.  The term social means just that – of or pertaining to the life, welfare, and relations of human beings in a community (Dictionary.com). Treat LinkedIn as a relationship that you should keep current.  Here are some activities you should be doing EVERYDAY!

1.  Log into LinkedIn everyday and read your Network Updates.  Notice new connections you might make, comment on your current network’s activities, see new possible connections that LinkedIn recommends.

2.  Check out the Answer section (click More link at top) and see if you can answer any questions.  This is a great way to get your name out and establish your expertise in an area.

3. There is now a new area showing up on your home page in Beta “Jobs You May be Interested In”. This is showing current jobs on LinkedIn that reflect your job title from your profile.

4. Change something in your profile or post something to your status bar so YOU will show up in your network’s pages when they sign on.

5. And, of course, check out the jobs posting page.  Employers sometime ONLY post on LinkedIn, so it’s a good idea to check this daily.

What kind of LinkedIn user are you?

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  1. One of the best, and fastest-growing, features of LinkedIn is the groups section–college alumni groups, corporate alumni groups, industry groups, etc. The groups feature alone is worth spending time on LinkedIn.

  2. I agree and of course, I have to plug the HireAustin LinkedIn Group. Get to know your fellow Austinites!

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