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Posting Your Resume on the Job Boards Does Work!

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A lot of job seekers think the job boards are dead.  Granted, they shouldn’t be what you focus a lot of your time on, but they still are HIGHLY used in the recruiting industry.  I have written several articles about this topic (Why You Should Post Your Resume Onlne) and plan to update these posts soon.  Meanwhile, read a success story from someone who followed my advice.


Over a year ago, I heard you speak at the Round Rock Career Connections job club hosted by Workforce Solutions.   You stated that we should update our resumes on Monster and Dice monthly and a good way to remember is to do it when you pay the rent / mortgage.   You also gave a good example of why.   At the time I thought Monster was a thing of the past and recruiters were no longer in business.  I had not updated my Monster account in years but, took your advice and updated monthly.   I also heeded your advice on building a resume for Monster.

In July, I was contacted by a placement agency for a temporary job which, looked like a good opportunity.   In August I was contacted by an employer for a full time position that better matched my skill sets.  I start this job tomorrow.

Both positions had not been advertised, and both contacted me from my Monster resume placement.   In 18 months, I applied for over 300 jobs which, produced only a handful of interviews.   I kept a positive attitude and updated my skills with training but it was your advice which landed me a great position with a good company in a stable industry.

Thanks for taking the time to speak on that day and share valuable job seeking tips.

Best Regards!

Michael Ward

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