/* Unemployed is a four letter word : */

Unemployed is a four letter word

If you are currently “not employed” and looking, what do you have in your LinkedIn profile or Twitter bio, or other similar sites?  What do you say when you meet people and they ask what you do? Please tell me you don’t use the word unemployed anywhere.  This is such an ugly word and it has nothing to do with who you are.  It immediately sets a negative tone and causes my blood pressure to rise whenever I see or hear it

There are more positive ways to state you currently are not earning a paycheck.  You can say your are looking for new opportunities or between opportunities.  You can say you are self-employed (you are whether you are earning money or not), or list some volunteer work you are doing.

Whether you are earning a paycheck or not, has nothing to do with who you are. Please remember that when you are filling out your bio or status.  Set a positive tone for others to read and for yourself, too.

Okay, here’s hoping I never see that word again in anyone’s status!

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  1. Great post. I know that, you are a positive thinker. Now onwards, I won’t tell, I am unemployed. Thank you for your information.

  2. Thanks for your comment! Now, banish the word “unemployed” from your vocabulary. Good luck in your search.

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