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Product Marketing Strategist I-1008VCLA

Dell Enterprise Messaging Manager: The Product Marketing Manager role will have responsibility to craft and maintain narratives that clearly communicate improving business and IT outcomes for customers based on Dell enterprise solutions. The primary responsibility is to go beyond traditional feature-function-benefits to a place which showcases Dell’s value-add in solving pain points. The Product Marketing Manager connects with audiences on both emotional and rational levels even if in technology discussions. The Product Marketing Manager identifies where the customer is in their own journey and speaks to them in their language. Successful stories illuminate why our enterprise solutions are their critical enabler for customers. Successful stories provide access and time for sales teams with customers.
• Stories provide simulation – knowledge to act.
• Stories provide inspiration – motivation to act.

Credible ideas make people believe. Emotional ideas make people act. The goal it is to develop content that helps move customers from the “awareness” to the “consideration” phase of the sales cycle.

The role will be responsible for the creation of narratives that align across the Enterprise PG teams (servers, storage solutions, services, and networking) and that are applicable to all Dell business units (BUs). The position will be responsible for ensuring product technical attributes are accurate and conveyed as a solution to customer challenges by applying a story telling process. Core deliverables may include storyboards, message briefs, customer presentations, executive presentations, online content, training material and social media content.

• Work with subject matter experts to develop, benefits focused, evidence-driven and solution level messages to create full stories ready to be used by BUs for their campaigns and sales enabler
• Partner with all Enterprise Lines of Business, Services, channel marketing, BU marketing and the regions for input to drive and deliver core content for launches and other programs
• Align with the strategy / solutions teams to craft stories that position Dell as a thought leader in solving the IT challenges customers face in the Virtual Era
• Align story content in deliverables with appropriate phases of the sales cycle, moving from the “Why Dell for Enterprises” narrative to more detail oriented, technical content as the process progresses
• Develop, maintain, and interlock globally with stake holders to deliver the Enterprise PG story architecture
• Bulletproof strategic messaging and stories with analysts, BUs, and regions
• Serve as stewards of the Dell brand voice in all messaging deliverables

• Brand: deliver our brand promise in all actions and touch points
o Apply our brand voice to communications
o Ability to balance the longer-term goals of our brand-building efforts with LOB agenda or purpose
• Customer & Market Insights: demonstrate an understanding of customers’ needs
o Identify between audiences and how best to communicate to them
o Serve as an advocate for customer insights and ensure that they guide our marketing strategy
• Marketing Strategy: Understand our marketing strategy
o Know how their work fits into the broader marketing plan
• Messaging & Positioning: ability to articulate clear idea that inspires action or consideration
o Able to articulate meaningful concepts or facts
o Can define how things fit together
o Can contrast between similar items to bring understanding or favoritism
• Online: Alert to how customers acquire information on the web to make decision or conduct a transaction
o Ensure that online practices are integrated into marketing and merchandising activities
• Sales Alignment: understand mechanics of how we sell
• Proactively investigate opportunities to speed sales cycles
• Technical Foundation: basic understand datacenter technologies and how they work together
o Know how to work with subject matter experts to extract the essential values / benefits of their respective areas
o Understand the key trends in the market place

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