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SQL Database Administrator

SQL Database Administrator

Catapult Systems is one of the top Microsoft National Systems Integrators (NSI) in the US and we are growing! Our award-winning success is based on a proven combination of experience, expertise, and education. We attract and retain employees far longer than the industry average, ensuring the creation of sustained, repeatable success and value for our customers. We have been building business-critical systems and helping our clients maximize their investment in Microsoft technology since 1993.

Job Summary:
This person will be responsible for ensuring the health and stability of Microsoft SQL Server environments.

• Collect SQL Server environment details: hardware, workload characteristics, number and size of databases, access methods, etc.
• Perform a server and database level configuration assessment
• Collect server statistics (processors, memory, total/available disk space, NIC card and redundant power supplies)
• Assess current first- and second-level support workflows
• Conduct initial performance audit to assess resource usage
• Continuous monitoring using Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM)
• Monitoring of central administration and weekly recurring tasks including:
o Checking product/patch installation status and services on servers
o Reviewing administrative reports, backup/restore job status and history, transaction log and database status, SQL Server and SQL Agent logs and job history, errors/alerts, data and log file sizes, and disk free space
o Reviewing maintenance plans and plan history
o Checking database integrity, top waits and queues, index usage stats, mirroring/log shipping/replication status and full text catalogs
o Conditionally rebuilding/reorganizing indexes
o Updating index statistics
o Cleaning up history (jobs, maintenance plans, etc.)
Required experience:
• Minimum 3 years working in Microsoft SQL database administration
• Creating, backing up, restoring and moving databases on an ad/hoc basis
• Auditing individual databases and SQL instances for potential issues
• Configuring server and database options
• Setting up and running specific traces (e.g. blocking, deadlock)
• Altering database configurations
• Adding or changing database file locations
• Modifying or configuring TempDB
• Setting up or rebuilding Full Text Catalogs
• Creating or modifying maintenance plans, SQL log-ins and users
• Modifying permissions for SQL log-ins
Preferred Skills:
• Troubleshooting mirroring/log shipping/replication and database performance issues
• Performance tuning and optimization audits with recommendations
• Setting up mirroring/log shipping/replication
• Installing and configuring SQL Server (default or named instance) and/or SQL Server clusters
• Performing SAN latency and performance testing
• Auditing SQL configuration best practices
• Setting up transparent database encryption
• Configuring Resource Governor workload management

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