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General Sales Manager – Austin, Texas

• The General Sales Manager position is a management role with responsibilities for leading and managing all sales functions while successfully driving revenue performance. The General Sales Manager is responsible for achieving local, national, digital, integrated and other revenue goals for a station or stations. This position requires a person with courage and a proven record of building and motivating high performing teams. The successful candidate will possess abilities to build and achieve intelligent revenue plans utilizing Clear Channel’s multiple revenue platforms, identify, position and grow talent, maximize inventory yield, develop digital and category revenue streams, and work well in a collaborative environment.
Role Responsibilities
• Manage a sales team that meets or exceeds revenue goals by creating and implementing advertiser solutions using Clear Channel’s multiple content delivery platforms: on-air, on-line, on-site and through mobile devices.
• Collaborate with Integrated Media Sales Manager and IM support staff to ensure sales team is delivering integrated media solutions for advertisers.
• Proactively recruit, train, coach and develop a sales team of Account Executives.
• Ensure accurate forecasting of all business lines (Local – National – Integrated – Internet – Other) of a station or stations.
• Set clear expectations and ensure accountability with Account Executives on inter-department communications and systems, processes and procedures.
• Partner with Revenue Manager to develop strategy that maximizes station(s) revenue through use of inventory management and pricing tools.
• Develop and maintain an atmosphere for a high performing team. Create an environment that encourages problem solving, fosters creativity, rewards performance and instills accountability.
• Work closely with programming, digital and promotions departments to understand, maximize and integrate all available products and services.
• Conduct weekly, effective one-on-ones with Account Executives that increase productivity and maintain accountability.
• Create a strategic revenue plan that grows existing business and develops new business.
• Utilize all company resources and tools as part of strategy to grow revenue.
• Be visible, internally and externally, representing the company and building relationships with purpose, honesty and integrity.
Required Qualifications
• Successfully demonstrated management skills as Local or General Sales Manager for one to three years, with a minimum of five years in a radio sales position.
• An understanding of strategic account management, radio ratings, broadcast media planning, digital advertising platforms and social media.
• Strategic management of inventory and rates.
• Ability to forecast revenue.
• Must be proficient in developing plans for revenue and team growth.
• Must be able to work well with other departments to achieve success; must possess the ability to work independently and collaboratively with others, have excellent communication skills, flexibility and assertiveness to meet goals.
• Requires demonstrated strong organizational and interpersonal skills.

Please visit our application website at www.clearcareers.com to apply. Applications and resumes submitted by other means will not be accepted. We look forward to reviewing your application.

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