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About this site


This site is a rebirth of the Hire Austin group which was formerly known as the Low Tech Happy Hour.

Hire Austin has been about members helping other members in making connections for job opportunities.  We had meetings and shared job leads through an email list. The meetings stopped in 2007, but the email list has been going strong.  We are open to all job opportunities no matter what the industry is, high tech, low tech, no tech.


My vision and hope for this new site and format is to make job searching a more transparent activity.  The current way of job search seems to be a one way process with the employers/recruiters having all the knowledge which is not typically shared with the job applicants. I am trying to make this process more of a two way process, and if nothing else, more transparent.

Job hunting can be a lonely endeavor, especially when you are between opportunities.  Let’s help each other by sharing tips on who’s hiring in Austin (especially those companies that are not openly recruiting), how certain employers interview, what questions they ask, and if you hear anything about who they ended up hiring.  All this is information that will help each other move forward.    Let’s stop giving the employers/recruiters all the power and help each other with our collective knowledge and experience.

The way I am attempting to implement this is to turn the normal job posting from a one way communication to a two way communication.  When someone posts job to our site, if you have any inside knowledge, use the comment section to share your knowledge with the group. I have got some of my best leads on jobs from people who are themselves going for the same job. Share your insight and be prepared to be rewarded.  Feel free to use your LinkedIn profile (everyone should have one) when you comment, so the community can get to know each other.  We also have our own LinkedIn group – Hire Austin.

If you are a recruiter or an employer posting a job opening to our group, please give us feedback on what happens with the position.  Was it filled?  Was it canceled?  Did you decide to promote from within? The worst thing for someone when they have applied for a position is not knowing the status, even if the status is someone else got hired.  You can set up anonymous contact information if you are concerned about being contacted directly by candidates.

I am excited about this opportunity for everyone to participate in building a greater community in the great city of Austin!  I am providing the infrastructure and hope all of you will participate.  Please let me know if you have any comments/questions/suggestions.

Terri Bishop

Founder, Hire Austin